DIY in Context: from Bricolage to Jugaad

Confiram a interessante apresentação de Victor Viña para o fadFest, em Barcelona, citando o nosso trabalho:

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How do sustainable, creative strategies found in informal economies of emergent countries relate to contemporary design and new media practices? The lecture, through research case studies from India, Colombia, Brazil and China identifies local design principles relevant to global design practices.

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Gambiologia no Furtherfield

Confira aqui o interessante artigo da artista e pesquisadora Raquel Rennó sobre o Festival Cultura Digital Br, no qual estivemos presentes apresentando os projetos Malachat e Gambiolino.

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Ficou bem legal este post da amiga Lisa Kori Chung sobre a Gambiologia, no blog dela que documenta "a year of traveling through electronic art". É sempre bom ler comentários dos outros sobre nosso trabalho, principalmente em inglês. :^)

"In contrast to the other work with hardware, hacking and recycling I came across during my travels– i.e. instrument building and circuit bending–, the work of Gambiologia is not just focused on subverting the uses of or finding a new functions for objects, but also on the physical juxtaposition of salvaged objects themselves. These things include but aren’t limited to LED displays, lamps, toys and household appliances. The resulting reassemblages are laced with common themes: artful clutter, stickers, creative incorportation of lighting, exposed mechanisms, yellow and black striped tape, and appearances of the mythical figure Jean Baptiste Gambièrre."

A Lisa é a terceira na foto acima, tirada da oficina do Lucas em agosto do ano passado. Os outros ilustres são: Lu Tanure, Panetone, Roberta Paiva, Lucas Mafra, Vanessa Michelis e Carou Araújo. Eu sou esse velho (barbudo) no meio.

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