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The Gambiologia Project: Brazil’s take on Techno-Cannibalism

This panel will present and discuss the innovative Gambiologia project, a collaborative work being done with the Graffiti Research Lab of Brazil. The gambiologists will articulate the concepts behind their project and the individual pieces. These pieces are generally produced by adapting and reinventing everyday materials, recycled industrial rubbish and electronics. Many of the pieces, which can be considered electronic artifacts, sculptures or decorative objects, incorporate LED displays, lamps, toys, sound generators, etc. All of these materials are then transformed into art under the concept of techno-cannibalism. The notion of “excess” is also a recurring concept in the gambiologists pieces. With their project, the group is artistically critiquing the massive production of devices and the accumulation of industrial disposables on the planet. The group critiques the world’s surplus of objects that are either out of use or outdated, yet accumulating. The gambiologists feel this is an important issue. Within a wider view, the term gambiologia has been adopted to refer to the science of gambiarra- people’s ability to relocate the functionality of materials of common use for practical objectives and/or distinct aesthetics far away from its original. Come learn how this project has utilized digital technologies, recycled rubbish and creativity for an artistic purpose. The Gambiologia project is being carried out by the artists Fred Paulino and Lucas Mafra.