In addition to various data mining projects, the Garage exhibition also gives us some examples of imaginative DIY productions that use elements of digital technology along with other modalities of manufacture for the sake of creating frankensteinian hybrids.The Brazilian group Gambiologia is a good example. Gambiarra is the Brazilian-Portuguese term for “makeshift arrangement,” very similar in meaning to the French term bricollage. Simply defined, it is about taking what you can find to make what you need, and in that spirit, Gambiologia has made a series of wardrobe additions called Gambiological Armor that take our seemingly inevitable evolution toward becoming cyborg entities seriously, by making over-the-top gadget organizers for everyday street usage.

Interessante artigo no Square Cylinder sobre a Zero1 Biennial, “Seeking Silicon Valley”, da qual estamos participando.

Curadoria: Gisela Domschke e Jaime Austin