Tagtool city street scene

By Lucas & Delpino

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Lançamento oficial Tagtool officially launched


Nosso muito obrigado ao Maki, do Tagtool.org, pelo post. Many thanks to Maki from Tagtool.org for the post.

"Techno-Cannibalism. Nice one. A broken VHS eats some wires, knobs and LEDs, slaps some stickers on, and becomes a Tagtool. The Tagtool gets eaten by a lawnmower, who downloads Google Earth and we’re set for some obscene golf course graffiti to entertain our lurking invaders from space. For sure, Gambiology has been added to my vocabulary."

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Images from our 1st Tagtool session

At Simbio Remix show. Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil.

Presenting Lucas Mafra, Fernando Rabelo, Andréa Gomes, Fred Paulino and the cool kid Rafael.

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Open source

GRL.BR Tagtool Schematics

You can download the Arduino source code for our modified Tagtool here.

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GRL.BR Tagtool launched

Violet colored



Tagtool ready

We proudly present our new Tagtool. It was developed from the original project by OMA International but we made several customizations specially the RGD LEDs that follow hue color changing. We also turned our Tagtool into an AC and USB hub device.

For more information check out our Flickr and Youtube channels.

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